EpiCore RFIs: Trichinosis in Santa Fe Province of Argentina

By: Rachael Matty

Image courtesy of CDC Public Health Image Library

On June 12, 2020, Healthmap was alerted to a local newspaper article that announced a potential outbreak of Trichinosis in Nelson, Argentina. The article identified 20 potential cases originating from consuming contaminated pork meat.  An RFI was sent to EpiCore members to collect further details locally, including test results.

The EpiCore network was able to provide additional information. The Health Ministry of Santa Fe identified 33  initial cases during the first two weeks of June. Laboratory tests sent to the National Laboratory confirmed Trichinosis.  The number of suspected cases had increased to 77 by June 22nd. Many individuals are now in post-exposure prophylaxis with mebendazol. The outbreak has only occurred in the Santa Fe province, mostly around Nelson and a few suspected cases in Laguna Paiva.

The Health Ministry of Santa Fe released an alert confirming the source of the outbreak as contaminated pork meat, and identified the index case. The alert was sent to doctors, laboratory technicians and veterinarians to provide information including: definitions for suspected and confirmed cases, prevention measures, and recommended treatment.  The alert also emphasized the need for continued surveillance and support to control the outbreak.



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