EpiCore RFIs: Gastrointestinal Illness in Philippines

Image courtesy of Soyuz Chai on Flickr, CC

The HealthMap System was alerted to a media report of a food poisoning outbreak on a Imus City university campus. Forty-one students were hospitalized on July 11, 2019 after visiting a cafe on the Imus Institute of Science and Technology campus.  At the time of the news report, all but 7 students had been released from medical care. An RFI was sent on 11 July 2019 at 10:26AM EST.

The first RFI response was received on 18 July 2019 at 10:46PM, which revealed the source of the food poisoning to be iced milk tea that was being served in the school café. Samples were collected and test results identified a causal agent for the acute gastroenteritis outbreak. The bacterial strain, however, was not released publicly. This outbreak was verified by the EpiCore system.

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