Alcohol Ban in Ecuador After Poisoning

The Ecuadorian government has imposed a 72-hour ban on the purchase, sale or consumption of alcohol. After drinking adulterated alcohol, 21 people have died and  105 people are receiving medical treatment. Los Rios province has seen 19 deaths, while Tungurahua ans Azuay provinces have reported one death each. Public Health Minister, David Chiriboga reported that investigators analyzed 28 barrels of alcohol (each with 55 gallons) and found methanol, a toxic alcohol. Methanol is produced if the alcohol is not distilled properly. Some methanol poisoning symptoms include abdominal pain, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting and also difficulty breathing. Although these symptoms can also be confused with drinking too much, it is advised that anyone in Ecuador experiencing such symptoms be aware that it may be due to methanol poisoning. Chiriboga hopes that the 72-hour ban will give the government enough time to discover the source of this poisoning and contain it. Health officials encourage anyone who feels nausea or experiences vomiting to immediately seek medical attention in order to prevent the situation from spiraling even more out of control.

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