C. difficile Outbreak Continues in Ontario

The C. difficile outbreak in the Niagara region of Ontario continues to escalate. Since the first outbreak was declared in May at St. Catharines, outbreaks occurred at 3 more area hospitals, for a total of 66 cases and 16 deaths. The affected hospitals include Greater Niagara General Hospital, Welland Hospital, and Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Center. Residents and politicians questioned how the Niagara Health System (NHS) handled the situation and criticized that the public was not alerted earlier. Many protested outside Niagara General Hospital. Meanwhile, over 100 miles/170 kilometers away from the Niagara region, a 5th site in Ontario has reported an outbreak of C. difficile. Guelph General Hospital reported 11 cases over the past 2 months, a dramatic increase from the usual 1-2 cases per month. However, as 2 weeks have passed without a new case, the Guelph outbreak is likely waning and may be declared over within a few weeks.

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