Bangladesh (poultry), India (ducks), Cambodia (humans), Indonesia (poultry and human) and Vietnam (poultry; human case ruled out)
In addition to the ongoing outbreaks of avian influenza in South Korea and Japan, three other Asian countries reported outbreaks.  In Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 8,600 chickens were culled as outbreaks continue to be detected around Dhaka and Rangpur.  India confirmed an outbreak in Agartala, Tripura leading to the culling of 3,000 ducks.  It is India’s first outbreak since June 2010.

Cambodia recorded two human deaths last week as doctors worry about the possibility of an outbreak.  WHO has not yet confirmed the recent deaths, but a five-year-old girl died there earlier this month.  In Garut, Indonesia, the sudden death of 600 chickens has been attributed to avian influenza.  Additionally, 14 villagers have severe flu symptoms but the cause of their illnesses has not been determined.  In Vietnam, tests have ruled out avian influenza infection after a girl with suspect symptoms died at the Hue Central Hospital. Outbreaks among poultry have been reported in three Vietnamese provinces.

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