Cholera Spreading in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Papau New Guinea

The number of deaths in Greater Accra, Ghana from cholera has risen to six with 505 cases recorded as of February 14.  The 1st case was reported on January 10, and the number of cases has continued to rise despite the government’s efforts to combat the outbreak by offering free treatment to those affected and undertaking a public education campaign.

Eleven are now dead and 252 cases suspected due to a cholera outbreak in Côte d’Ivoire’s capital of Abidjan.  The epidemic began in Adjame on January 21 and is being attributed to garbage piling up throughout the city. An educational campaign as well as free treatment of cases are both being conducted in an attempt to stop the outbreak.

Cholera cases continue to be recorded in Papau New Guinea (PNG) due to a lack of government funding and an initially poor response to the outbreak. Over 10,000 cases and 483 deaths have been recorded in 7 of 19 PNG provinces since the outbreak began in September 2009.

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