Recently, China released figures that as of September this year, there are 360,000 HIV positive cases in the country, among whom 130,000 have progressed to AIDS and 60,000 have died. Furthermore, HIV was the number one killer among all infectious disease-related deaths. In recent years, China has seen a shift in HIV demographic from high risk populations such as IV drug users and plasma sellers to the general population who contract the disease via heterosexual transmission. Multiple provinces and autonomous regions also reported this similar trend and an increase in HIV cases and deaths each year. While the country has made enormous strides over the years in reducing the stigma around the disease and promoting a message of tolerance and awareness through public education and propaganda, those infected with HIV still experience heavy discrimination and poor access to medical and social support. Just yesterday, in China’s first ever lawsuit over employment-discrimination against people who are HIV-positive, the court ruled against the defendant, citing that the city education bureau had correctly followed public service standards in assessing its teaching candidates. 

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