In the past 24 hours, HealthMap has received a dramatic increase in media reports, blog reports and informal communications regarding new suspected cases of cholera.  Hurricane Tomas killed 20, and the drenching rains caused many latrines and septic systems to overflow, potentially helping spread the cholera outbreak south and west.  So far, at least 544 have died, ~8000 have been hospitalized and cholera has been confirmed in Port-au-Prince.  The capital now has at least 120 suspected cases of cholera;114 of them are in the densely populated slums of Cité Soleil.  Partners in Health is also deeply concerned by the spread.  One doctor with Samaritan’s Purse warned that the epidemic may be about to explode.  Please check for the latest information.  In addition to precisely mapping new reports of cholera, we are adding safe water installations and cholera treatment centers regularly.  If your organization has organization has facilities or cholera cases not on our map, please contact us through the “Outbreak missing?” feature.

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